moorestown exercise


Everyone knows that exercise is an important part of staying healthy, but did you know that it is also an important part of healing?

Over the last few years, a consensus has emerged in the medical literature that active treatment of back pain is more successful than passive approaches, such as bed rest and medications.

Neck pain, whether caused by whiplash or other injury, is a serious condition that can lead to chronic headaches, lost time at work, and an overall reduction in quality of life. It is one of the leading reasons people seek out the help of a chiropractor.

But while many people react to neck pain by reducing their level of physical activity, research shows that exercise, when combined with chiropractic manipulation, may be the true key to recovery. A recently published review of studies on different treatments for neck pain reveals that in many instances, patients experienced the greatest pain relief when they combined chiropractic manipulation and mobilization with exercise.

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